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Mental Health Skill Building

Open Arms Mental Health Skill Building Services provide structured support and case management assistance to older teens and adults with mental health conditions who demonstrate a need for greater stability and personal management.

Services are provided following an assessment and according to the goals and objectives identified in their individualized service plan. Mental Health Skill Building Services are implemented in coordination with recommendations from the client's referring Case Manager, Psychiatrist, PCP or any other persons /agencies involved in their care.


Mental Health Skill Building Services are implemented primarily within the client's home and include supplemental exposure to other community-based resource agencies as needed. Each Mental Health Skill Building Services Counselor is guided in their interventions by the client's individualized service plan and through clinical support from the program's clinical personnel. The Mental Health Support Services program is designed to offer structured case management support such as guidance with budgeting and money management, job skills, medication supervision, personal space management, safety awareness, decision-making skills, social skills, organizational skills, personal care skills and other relevant skills, which support the client's continued stability and independence. All services are provided in coordination with the client's approval and input into the development of their ISP, as well as with the participation of their family and/or next of kin.