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Intensive In-Home Services

Intensive In-Home Services for Children/Adolescents under age 18 are intensive, time-limited interventions provided, typically, but not solely in the residence of a child who is at risk of being moved into an out-of-home

placement or who is being transitioned to home from out-of-home placement due to a documented medical need of the child. These services provide crisis treatment; individual and family counseling; and communication skills (e.g. counseling to assist the child and his parents to understand and practice appropriate

problem-solving, anger management, and interpersonal interaction, etc.); case management activities and coordination with other required services; and 24-hour emergency response.

*Home is defined as the family residence and includes a child living with natural parents, relatives, or a guardian, or the family residence of the child's permanent or temporary foster care or pre-adoption placement. Children receiving Treatment Foster Care Case Management are not eligible for IIH services.

Open Arms Family Support Services, LLC ensures that children participating in the IIHS program are supported through the provision of case management to ensure communication with school officials, medical providers, community partners (including probation officers, court officials ,etc) to link with for community services mandates and initiatives, family re-unification with absent parents, and much more so that our children have the best possible chance of remaining where they belong: with their families. Very often, many of our clients participate in the IIHS program and the TDT to have a greater impact on the client's ability to cope in the home and school settings. Intensive in-home counseling benefits the client by examining and helping to correct problems within the family unit that may contribute to problem behaviors.